Greater emphasis ought to be placed on post-pandemic business in Tobago

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Greater emphasis ought to be placed on post-pandemic business in Tobago

Written/Edited by: Sparkle Mackintosh

Tobago, like many countries that thrive on tourism, continues to be significantly impacted by the effects of the Covid19 pandemic.

Border closures as well as restrictions to movement between Trinidad and Tobago due to Public Health Regulations all but put a stop to business operations on the island in the past year and a half.

The plight has been highlighted by Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber, Martin George, who has been lobbying for the Central Government to place greater emphasis on preparing the island for its reopening for business, emerging out of the pandemic period.

He reiterated this position in a recent interview.

Concern has been raised over the level of compliance by many nationals, across both islands, in working to re-establish a somewhat normal mode of operating, as the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, last week, revealed that a large number of persons on the island had been charged for breaching the current curfew and other violations to the public health regulations.

Commenting on this and the announcement by Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, of a thrust in this country’s vaccination roll out programme, Mr George put forward suggestions on initiatives that can propel vaccine acceptance amongst the citizenry.

With targets and timelines set by the Government to have a large portion of the population vaccinated and the eventual withdrawal of restrictions, namely the reopening of T&T’s borders, Mr George was asked whether the business and tourism sector would give consideration to the idea of vaccine tourism.

A proposal, whereby, non-nationals/residents traveling Tobago will have the option of being inoculated during the course of their visit; the US Virgin Island and Barbados have pondered the possibility of this coming to fruition.

The Business Chamber Head maintained the immunisation of the local population takes precedence at this time.