Granny robbed, killed for disability cheque

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Granny robbed, killed for disability cheque

64-year-old Chanday Lalloo was found dead inside her Gasparillo home around 7:30am on Sunday morning.

When relatives called on Lalloo yesterday morning, they got no answer. One of the relatives looked through a window and saw the walking stick that Lalloo used to assist her with walking. She suffered a stroke five years ago and used the stick to help her move around. Fearing that she had fallen, they broke open the door. When they went inside, they found Lalloo’s body on the floor with stab wounds to her face and hands. Police believed her death may have been as a result of a robbery since the money she received because of her disability and other items were stolen. She was last seen around 6:00pm on Saturday when she left home to place a bet. No one in the area heard any sounds coming from her home during Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Police are continuing investigations.