Grandmother Ordered by Court to Delete Facebook Photos of Grandchildren

Grandmother Ordered by Court to Delete Facebook Photos of Grandchildren

Facebook can be the dream tool for many grandmothers in command who want to share their happiness and that of their grandchildren through Photos; however, in the Netherlands, they have just sanctioned one for doing just that, as it violates the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR)

The case was brought to court after a falling out between the woman and her daughter, the mother of the grandchildren. The mother of the children then requested that the photos be removed several times, but the grandmother refused, leading to the court case, which argued for their removal under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The ruling was issued on May 13th, requires the Grandma to pay a fine of 50 euros per day, with a maximum of 1000 euros, if the photographs remain accessible online through the social network.

An exception to this regulation applies to “purely personal” or “inside a home” data; however, the court noted that, “publishing the photos on Facebook makes them accessible to a larger audience.”

The Grandma You have 10 days to delete the photos or you will have to pay the fines. Also, if you upload more photos of your grandchildren to Facebook, you will have to pay another fine of 50 euros a day.

Nel Brown, technology lawyer at the firm Decoded Legal, noted that “the regulation will surprise many people who probably don’t think much before tweeting or uploading some photos to Facebook.”

The validity of GDPR It started in 2018 and has so far collected more than 114 million euros in fines, in addition to 160,000 data breach notifications across Europe.