Grandfather and grandson die after tree falls on them

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Grandfather and grandson die after tree falls on them

An unfortunate accident has led to the deaths of a grandfather and his grandson.

The two were killed yesterday when a tree they were cutting fell on top of them.

The tragedy occurred around noon yesterday in Grand Lagoon, Mayaro, about two miles inside Red Hill Road.

Police reports say 68-year-old Peter Redhead and 27-year-old Nikolai Phillip, who were farmers, were cutting down a tree when part of it fell on them.

The men were pinned down and the chainsaw they were using kept running, slicing Peter across the body, while Nikolai’s legs and arms were crushed by the tree.

The men planted mainly plantain and cassava in their garden.

Witnesses said they were preparing the land to plant plantain. The particular tree they were cutting down, they said, had been in their way for quite some time and they moved to remove it so they could get more room to plant their crops.

ASP Jankie and Sargeant Naim Mohammed led the T&T Police Service team, while the T&T Fire Service, family members, villagers and the Hunters Search and Rescue Team also responded to the scene to offer assistance.