Grande man killed during bar brawl

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Grande man killed during bar brawl

A man identified as Kerron Modeste Jack was stabbed to death during an incident Friday evening in Sangre Grande.

Jack, of North Eastern Settlement, Sangre Grande, was reportedly stabbed during an altercation at Damarie Hill, Sangre Grande.

He was said to be liming at a bar with a 34-year-old woman from Oropouche Road, Sangre Grande around 6.30 pm, when a man from Bois Bande Village, Sangre Grande who was known to the woman, attempted to dance on her, prompting her to push him off and walk away.

Reports state that Modeste-Jack then smashed a glass bottle and confronted the suspect, which led to a fight.

During the melee, Modeste-Jack fell with wounds to the head and back.

He was taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital where he was treated, but later died at 10.47 pm.

The suspect also sought treatment at hospital following the incident and is warded at this time.