Gov’t to report rental assistance fraudsters to police

Gov’t to report rental assistance fraudsters to police

Government will be implementing a new system on Monday which seeks to prevent persons from defrauding the Government, and persons who are found to be guilty of such acts will be immediately reported to the police.

Minister of Social Development and Family Services Camille Robinson-Regis said that in reviewing the applications for the rental assistance grant, the ministry identified several instances where persons were attempting to commit fraudulent acts.

“In keeping with the need for accountability, and to ensure the most judicious use of the State’s resources at this time, a mechanism will now be implemented from Monday 4th May to ensure that only valid claims are entertained and payments to such persons will therefore commence during next week.”

She said payments will be made to the landlord and the applicant will then be notified.

The Minister explained that the rental assistance is for households that have experienced reduced income, or where persons have been terminated or retrenched  from the stay at home measures.

A total of $2500 will be paid for an initial period of three months and up to six months if required. If the support is needed past this six-month period, the grant will be reduced to $1500 and then $1000 for any additional months required.

The total assistance for rent must not exceed 12 months.

The Minister also urged persons who do not qualify for the grants to refrain from crowding the system as it delays the processing of benefits to those who are most in need.

Rental assistance application form

Rental assistance application form