Gov’t to offer income to those who lost jobs

Gov’t to offer income to those who lost jobs

Since the passing of the Public Health Ordinance Regulations which banned bars, clubs, casinos and cineplexes from opening for one month, many workers in those industries have been sent home, in some cases, without pay.

As a result, the Government will provide income to those persons.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said, “If there are people who have lost their jobs, for example, if you were working in a bar and you can’t pay your rent because the bar has been shut down to protect the public, what the Government is going to do is help you get an income if you lost your job at the bar.”

Dr. Rowley is expected to give more details this week.

Since the virus was reported in the country, the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services has made certain accommodations for the less-fortunate.

Some of these measures include distributing additional food cards, and giving households that receive food grants $150 in addition to their existing food grants. In households of 4 to 5 persons, $300 in additional funds will be given and households containing 6 persons or more will receive $600.

Persons who are recipients of the public assistance and disability grants will also receive and added $150 to the monthly grants for a period of three months. Households that receive disability grants for two persons will receive $300 extra. $450 will be given to households receiving this grant with 3 affected persons. Payment for the full three months to be made, $150.00, $300.00 or $450.00 depending on the size of the household.

Dr. Rowley said he is unsure how long the pandemic would last, but estimates the month of May.

He said, “Nobody knows how long this is going to last but it looks as if, with the information we have from the epidemiologists, is that this thing could last well into May and then after that, there are some who are saying it can go longer than that,” the Prime Minister said.

He said the Government will return to Parliament this week to discuss accessing the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund to get money to assist those in need.

But, he added, the Government must monitor their spending since they have a limited amount of money.