Gov’t to replace every vehicle number plate in TT with RFID tags

Gov’t to replace every vehicle number plate in TT with RFID tags

Cabinet is set to discuss the rollout of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) vehicle registration plates this week.

This according to Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.

Following the news of Andrea Bharatt’s death, there has been renewed calls for government to clamp down on PH taxis.

However, Al-Rawi, in an interview with GML, said that government began work to make transportation safer two years ago.

He said government intends to replace every single number plate in T&T and substitute it with RFID tags, which the government will issue at government centres.

He said there is a way to regularise Part-Time taxi drivers as opposed to those who are Private-Hire.” The changes will include a full registration system that ties into the Police Service database.”

Al-Rawi said both Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan and Minister of National Security Stuart Young would bring the matter to Cabinet.

He said government’s aim is to change the entire transportation system, from taxis and maxi- taxis, to the PTSC, PH taxis and the incoming chequered band maxi-taxis for rural areas.


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    C L R Chase 5 months

    Really You have 800 cameras that are not working. Now you want to bring RFID tags for cars , body cameras for police, GPS tracking for Domestic Violence . Wow all of this sounds nice and it quells the public fervor right now . Hello it just one thing that the government seems to forget that these thing will break and needs repairs and updating so put in place the necessary budget and systems for cost effective and continuous maintenance otherwise you are wasting the countries monies and scare resources. What I gather you are saying these things as a feel good measure. No this has to be the new norm going forward cameras and security systems are part and parcel of the nationally security strategy and not just nice to have things. What’s next you will want to put chrome mags on police vehicles Steeeeeups “TITKOFACT”

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