Government Told Place More Focus On Renewable Energy.

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Government Told Place More Focus On Renewable Energy.

Independent Senator, Charrise Seepersad, is suggesting efforts towards the renewable use of energy should be stepped up in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Independent Senator said climate change demands serious attention and energy transformation from oil and gas to renewable energy to diversify the economy is critical to this country’s survival.

Ms. Seepersad noted the importance of the energy sector as Trinidad and Tobago’s  main income earner.

However, while contributing to debate on the Appropriation Financial Year 2022 Bill on Monday, Ms. Seepersad spoke about the trend by many countries to develop or use more renewable resources.

Ms. Seepersad reflected on the benefits of taking this approach.

Ms Seepersad also put forward several measures the government should consider and review on its agenda moving forward on this subject.