Government Ministers Meet With Scrap Iron Dealers Association Executive

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Government Ministers Meet With Scrap Iron Dealers Association Executive

Productive and useful is how the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries describes today’s meeting held with members of the Scrap Iron Dealers Association’s Executive, led by President, Allan Ferguson.

Discussed, with members of a Government Cabinet sub-committee, was the plaguing issue of theft relating to the scrap iron industry.

The meeting was held at the Ministry’s Tower C, International Waterfront Centre.

Mr. Ferguson presented to the Committee a proposal of temporary measures recommended by the Scrap Iron Dealers Association to address the theft of scrap metals.

The Ministry said the Committee received the suggestions and indicated the government will have to take urgent action to address the criminality and criminal elements tormenting the sector as the increased levels of wanton theft are presenting serious national security risks.

The Committee indicated the government’s willingness to continue working with the Association on the development and implementation of revised regulations and policies to regulate the industry and address the criminal activity taking place.

However, it was emphasized that urgent action is required to address the existing situation and that the government will take the appropriate urgent action to arrest the problems associated with the widespread theft of metal items taking place throughout Trinidad and Tobago.