Government Eases Restrictions On Several Public Health Measures

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Government Eases Restrictions On Several Public Health Measures

Government has decided to ease several public health restrictions which were previously in place to address the presence of Covid-19.

Among the measures in this area an announced by Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, is allowing public transportation to return to one hundred per cent of capacity.

Another move is providing the nation does not experience dangerous changes in the covid-19 position, the state will allow all children to return to physical schooling in term three and the Ministry of Education will continue to put out the necessary guard lines to safely manage this process.

As of Monday March 7th 2022 the public service will return to full service and all public servants will be required to return to work as normal.

Speaking in the House of Representatives Friday afternoon, Dr Rowley outlined the various measures which the government will take into account moving forward.

They include mask use will remain in force at this time in all public spaces and places where there is public interaction.

Mask wearing will continue to be required in vehicles being used for public transport, including all vehicles in which persons are paying to be transported.

For unvaccinated nationals returning to Trinidad and Tobago, a reduction in the quarantine time will be applicable.

Quarantine time will be reduced from fourteen days to seven days with discharge taking place on the receipt of a negative PCR test on the seventh day.