Gopeesingh issues call for RHA reform

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Gopeesingh issues call for RHA reform

Despite billions spent in the health sector, there continues to be horrible conditions.

So said former Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh.

Dr Gopeesingh made the statement in connection to the recent passing of a parliament worker, who was unable to get a CT Scan at the Port of Spain General Hospital since the machine there was down at the time.

Dr Gopeesingh says the situation is “unacceptable” and he is now calling for urgent reform of the Regional Health Authorities.

He believes this is “ultimately a reflection of the poor and inadequate management capabilities” of the RHAs.

Dr Gopeesingh says senior RHA managers should be visiting the hospitals and traversing every nook and cranny of all hospitals and health centres at least every fortnight, to determine issues to be addressed.