Google Photos Will Soon Be Able to Add a 3D Effect to 2D Photos


Google Photos Will Soon Be Able to Add a 3D Effect to 2D Photos

Google Photos is one of the most complete photo storage services with advanced editing tools. In constant evolution, the next bet seems to focus on the 3D movement given to 2D photographs.

Thus, Google Photos will be able to transform your 2D images and make them look 3D. The announcement of this feature was made today on the Google Blog and will be called “cinematographic photos”. This will therefore be another effect to be applied automatically to the photos, and then revealed in the feature highlights and memories.

Google showed an example of how a 2D image can be transformed into such a cinematic photo, with some movement, which resembles 3D images.

Cinematic photos: Google Photos will soon have 3D animation for 2D photos

To create these effects, the company says that the learning machine technique was used to project the depth of an image and thus reproduce the effect. This will be possible even for photographs that do not have information from cameras dedicated to that purpose. Then the smooth motion effect is created.

In addition to this novelty, new themes for Memories about important people and activities for each user will be added next month.