Google employees scramble for answers after being laid-off via email

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Google employees scramble for answers after being laid-off via email

Google employees are scrambling for answers from leadership and from colleagues as the company undergoes a massive layoff.

On Friday, Alphabet-owned Google announced it was cutting 12,000 employees, roughly 6% of the full-time workforce. While employees had been bracing for a potential layoff, they are questioning leadership about the criteria for layoffs that surprised some employees, who woke up to find their access to company properties cut off. Some of the laid-off employees had been long-tenured or recently promoted.

Shortly after CEO Sundar Pichai’s initial email to employees Friday morning, Google’s search boss, Prabhakar Raghavan, sent an email to employees saying he also feels “the responsibility to reach out” and asking them to save questions for a town hall scheduled for Monday. There will be “bumps in the road” as the organization moves forward with the layoffs, Raghavan said.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

The company provided an FAQ for the layoffs, which CNBC has seen, but employees have complained that it doesn’t give much detail on many answers. Employees have flooded Dory, the company’s question-asking platform, and set up virtual communities to figure out who’s been laid off and why. Directors have been telling employees to hold questions for the town hall.

Meanwhile many laid-off workers took to TikTok explaining how they got fired fron the tech giant.