Gonzales tells WASA workers “don’t be used as pawns”

Gonzales tells WASA workers “don’t be used as pawns”

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales has told employees of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) that they should not allow themselves to be used by PSA President Watson Duke, or be misled by his call for protest.

Duke has called on WASA and PSA workers to take the day off on Tuesday, to rest and relax.
He issued the call last week after a Cabinet sub-committee on WASA proposed the need to restructure the company.

Duke said there was no consultation with his union and he saw this “restructuring” as a threat to job security.

Gonzales has denied plans to retrench or privatise WASA and is urging workers to not fall for Duke’s games.

In an interview with the Newsday, Gonzales said “I know that they know that Duke is seeking his own interest and not their interest.
“I advise and encourage them not to be misled by him. Don’t be used as pawns. He is invested in the status quo of the dysfunctions within WASA and we are invested in changing it for the greater good of all the citizens to get water in their taps.”

Gonzales said contingency plans have been put in place if a few of those who are loyal to Duke heed his call.