Global Watchdog Placed Haiti on Terror-Financing Watch List


Global Watchdog Placed Haiti on Terror-Financing Watch List

Haiti was on Friday placed on a grey list of countries under increased monitoring to counter money laundering and terrorist financing.

The other countries are Malta, the Philippines and South Sudan.

The Financial Action Task Force, an international organization that coordinates global efforts to crack down on money laundering and terrorism financing, said nations on the list are working with it to correct deficiencies in their financial systems.

The additions bring to 22 the number of countries currently under increased monitoring by the intergovernmental watchdog, which was created in 1989.

When the FATF places a jurisdiction under heightened surveillance, it means that the country is committed to quickly resolving the “strategic shortcomings identified within the time list and may be subject to additional controls,” said a statement from the FATF.

With the addition of these four countries, Malta becomes the only European nation on the list that is usually dominated by African and Central American and Caribbean countries.