Global COVID-19 Recovery Cases Exceed 54 Million

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Global COVID-19 Recovery Cases Exceed 54 Million

While the number of people caught in the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) worldwide exceeded 77 million, the number of those who recovered after being caught exceeded 54 million.

According to the “Worldometers” website, where data on Covid-19 cases were compiled, 54 million 1189 infected people in the world have recovered.

The top 4 countries with the highest number of cases in the world were also the countries where most patients recovered.

10 million 595 thousand 929 in the USA, 9 million 605 thousand 224 in India, 6 million 222 thousand 764 in Brazil and 2 million 275 thousand 657 people in Russia managed to defeat the virus.

The number of those who recovered reached 1 million 362 thousand 617 in Argentina and 1 million 362 thousand 543 in Colombia.

Worldwide, 21 million 328 thousand 878 people are still under treatment.

Kovid-19, which appeared in Wuhan, China in December 2019, spread to more than 200 countries and regions and turned into an epidemic.

While the number of cases worldwide reached 77 million 27 thousand 654, 1 million 697 thousand 587 people died due to the virus.