Glass bottles to be replaced with cans for Carnival

Glass bottles to be replaced with cans for Carnival

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith made several recommendations and observations for the improvement of Carnival 2020, at a stakeholders’ meeting of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) on Wednesday 20th November, at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Commissioner Griffith asked the relevant agencies operating during Carnival season, to consider a number of concerns and recommendations including:


The issue of members and supporters of a few J’ouvert bands defacing people’s properties.

A ban on the use of glass bottles, which can be replaced by cups or cans, as many people are injured not only by throwing of bottles but also by broken glass, which is evidenced by the numbers of persons with injuries seeking medical assistance at hospitals.

The Commissioner suggested that discussions should be held with stakeholders regarding this matter.

Solving the issue of traffic congestion, by making Tragarete Road and Ariapita Avenue one-way on Carnival Monday and Tuesday; and making the Queen’s Park Savannah two-way from Carnival Saturday to midnight on Carnival Tuesday.

The CoP advised that advanced advertising should be displayed for persons entering the Queen’s Park Savannah with firearms and coolers and ensure there is a policy in place before the actual events for Carnival 2020, in particular, Panorama.