GG warns – Don’t be baited by others to break the law

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GG warns – Don’t be baited by others to break the law

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, notes with concern an alleged social media post, dated 2nd June, 2021, which appears to be disseminated under the hand of Member of Parliament for St. Augustine, Khadijah Ameen.

The Commissioner wishes to advise Members of Parliament, politicians, and other public figures that the law is crystal clear and the Public Health Regulations speak for themselves. Therefore, should any citizen have concerns, the Commissioner of Police has set up hotline numbers to deal with any issues that may arise. The alleged conduct, namely, the invitation of the public to gather as a consequence of any such concerns is totally irresponsible.

The CoP says it was irresponsible for a Member of Parliament to call on citizens to come out at a time when there is a State of Emergency and the Public Health Regulations which guide the population in the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

The CoP wishes to remind citizens that we are in a State of Emergency and persons will do well to remember that there are only two classes of citizens which are permitted to move freely in public at this time: persons who provide an essential service and persons seeking access to an essential service. Therefore, should anyone incite citizens to breach the Public Health Regulations or the Emergency Regulations, they will be charged without fail for aiding, abetting, procuring or counselling of an offence in accordance with the Accessories and Abettors Act, Chapter 10:02.

The Commissioner calls on citizens not to be lured or baited into breaching the law, but rather, complying then complaining, by seeking the relevant clarification, if necessary.
On the issue of vendors being removed by the police near to the Caroni Bridge Roundabout this morning, Commissioner Griffith notes that this was done by the Municipal Police, and not by the TTPS. He says vendors are allowed to sell their produce at the side of the road, and this will be communicated to the Municipal Police and the particular Regional Corporation.