Get Paid $2000 to Play Video Games with Friends


Get Paid $2000 to Play Video Games with Friends

A website is offering to pay a pair of friends $2,000 to spend 21 hours playing video games and report on the experience., which sells Internet and phone service packages, said the selected pair of friends will each receive a Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Online access, free snacks, and popular games including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons for their 21-hour gaming marathon.

“We’re paying friends $2,000 to gear up (on our dime), play 21 hours of video games per person, and report their experience back to us,” the website said. “We’re wondering: do you play a little better with your best friend alongside you in the thick of the action, or is your focus that much sharper when you play by yourself?”

The post said the ideal candidates have experienced video game players with a strong bond.

“We’re looking for pairs of gamers with a ton of virtual history. We want gaming duos who’ve blasted down countless zombie hordes, reclaimed Earth ten times over from blood-sucking space aliens, and who love to tackle the newest gaming challenge as much as they enjoy replaying retro throwbacks,” the posting said.

Applications are being accepted on the website through June 18.