George: Maxi Taxi Operators actions dispicable

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George: Maxi Taxi Operators actions dispicable

Maxi Taxi Operators came in for scalding criticism after their no show to collect passengers at the Scarborough Port in Tobago on Saturday.

While there was a lot of dancing at the Scarborough Port, pan music and moko jumbies there was disappointment as pre-booked tours for 300 tourists were cancelled due to the non-arrival of maxi-taxis.

Head of the Business Chamber in Tobago Martin George has described the situation as unacceptable and insisted that Tobago needs to get its act together if they are to capitalize on the new season.

He says that it is inconceivable that something like this could happen.

At a news briefing on Monday, Secretary of the Association, Norton Roberts, called for monies owed to the maxi taxi operators to be paid as soon as possible.

He said that he sought to have over $80, 000 owed to the operators by My Carcalho paid however he refused to have a conversation as to when it would be paid.

George insisted that whatever issues the Maxi drivers had with the cruise ship agent should have been settled another time and dealt with differently.

He said that their actions may lead to the sister isle being black listed.

The Chamber Head described the drivers’ actions as despicable, noting that they would have known of the issues of the drivers in advance and had ample time to speak up.