George believes more money for “vetted units” could lead to more corruption

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George believes more money for “vetted units” could lead to more corruption

Attorney Martin George has raised concerns about the increased pay proposed by the Prime Minister for members special vetted units in the police service, which is to be created to root out corrupt police officers.

The Prime Minister spoke about these units at a PNM political meeting in San Fernando on Saturday.

However, George, a former Police Service Commission (PSC) member, believes this could increase corruption in the police service instead of reducing it.

George said: “Money is never a good motivator to get people to do the right thing.”

He said it was a good idea on paper but can have the opposite effect in practice.

“It actually can be a recipe for disaster and create a rich and fecuned feeding ground for even greater corruption within the service.

“With persons seeking to doctor the books, to fix the records to jockey for positions within this supposed specialised unit because your motivation then is money.”

George said, “The problem has been that when you look at it over the years, it’s not money that motivates good and dedicated persons to do their jobs. The fact is, of course, yes, they need their salary, but the point is paying more isn’t what makes you a dedicated career civil servant or a dedicated career police officer.”

He said it was a person’s sense of duty that motivates them to do right and be a good person.