Gender-based violence unit active, receiving reports

Gender-based violence unit active, receiving reports

ASP Claire Guy-Alleyne, head of the Gender-Based Violence Unit said that the unit has already received reports of gender-based violence, although the unit was launched only a few days ago.

She confirmed that the organization is already working on cases. She said the people who work for the unit have been trained and sent to each of the nine policing stations across the country. Alleyne-Guy said sensitivity training has been provided for officers who operate outside of the unit and added that any officer who fails to handle these reports with sensitivity and seriousness will be punished.

She said, “The men and women of this unit were spe­cial­ly trained in how to deal with do­mes­tic vi­o­lence vic­tims. We are trained to lis­ten to them, coun­sel them, and ad­vise them. We take them through the en­tire process—from re­port­ing their sit­u­a­tion, to the court stage.”

Men will also be able to make their reports and have them taken seriously. “No longer should per­sons be ashamed to come to the po­lice of­fi­cers,” Guy-Alleyne said.

The unit has made the process to report gender-based violence easy and stress free. Victims will not have to come to the police station to make a report. She said, “What we are try­ing to do is re­duce the need for them to have to come in to a po­lice sta­tion, be­cause that in it­self could be trau­mat­ic.”

Person wanting to make a report can through the TTPS App or by call­ing 999. An of­fi­cer from the Gen­der-Based Vi­o­lence Unit will then take the report and visit the victim. A meeting will then be set up between the victim and the representative from the Unit at a location that is safe for the victim.

Other organizations such as the Vic­tim and Wit­ness Sup­port Unit of the TTPS, the Coali­tion Ad­vo­cat­ing for In­clu­sion of Sex­u­al Ori­en­ta­tion (CAISO) and the Coali­tion Against Do­mes­tic Vi­o­lence will become involved if the victim needs more support.

On Saturday at 10:00a.m in Woodford Square, a special memorial will take place for persons who have been killed as a result of domestic violence.