Gasparillo church desecrated; police search for perpetrator


Gasparillo church desecrated; police search for perpetrator

The Trinity Presbyterian Church in Gasparillo was ransacked over the weekend and the police are now on the hunt for the disrespectful perpetrator.

A church member who went to cut grass on Saturday morning, saw the Sunday school building vandalized and notified the authorities.

The perpetrator broke into the church by smashing some windows and breaking two door locks.
The suspect ate condiments, and even stole and drank items from the refrigerator.

The chairman of the church, said: “No items were missing. The person overturned the place and ripped up some documents. Thankfully, the papers were not important. It seems the person was searching for petty cash. The speakers and other electricals remained.”

Jeremy Boodram said “It is a bit astounding that people would desecrate a place that is revered and considered a holy sanctuary… But it seems some people see it differently.”