Gary threatens to close banks, groceries if persons disobey Health Regulations

Gary threatens to close banks, groceries if persons disobey Health Regulations

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) may be forced to close banks, supermarkets and markets, if citizens to do no adhere to the strict guidelines of not congregating in numbers over five.

Griffith said if persons do not adhere to their responsibilities as laid out by the Chair of the National Security Council (NSC), he may be forced to close those banks, supermarkets and markets.

“The Minister of National Security has spoken to all banks and other institutions about social distancing and has asked these institutions to place markers outside their premises where customers would have to stand six feet apart. These markers, in the first instance, could be in the form of a tape or chalk. Customers should take note of this.”

Griffith is advising people, ‘to get in their section’, observe the markers, and only move forward when the person in front of them moves. He says that if businesses fail to comply with these rules, the TTPS could close them.

Griffith is aware of the many elderly persons lining up outside these places at the end of the month, and is asking the younger persons to allow the elderly to move past them and conduct their business quickly.

The CoP wants citizens to adhere to the guidelines of social distancing immediately.

“Failure to comply would be our biggest failure and this could lead to the virus being spread. While the banks and supermarkets allow a certain number of persons inside the premises, it also needs to be noticed that there are hundreds on the outside who are tightly bunched up.”

He says it takes just one person with the virus outside these premises to infect others.