Gary to send officers to UK to interview Wylie

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Gary to send officers to UK to interview Wylie

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said the allegations about the previous Government’s involvement in the Cambridge Analytical scandal will be swiftly addressed. So much so, that if Christopher Wylie, the whistle blower who brought forth the allegations, agrees to testify officers will fly to the UK this weekend to interview him.

The Police Commissioner wants to assure the public that this investigation will not be a repeat of the “Email Gate” probe which was prolonged for several years. “At this present time, the only person of interest in this matter is Mr. Wiley, as he is the only one who has made comments alluding to possible criminal misconduct,” said the police commissioner via a press release issued this afternoon. The release stated that Wylie’s comments would mandate that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) meets with him (Wylie) to establish if a crime  did take place, if he was an accessory to that crime, and if others could be culpable.

Griffith said at this time, the TTPS has absolutely no evidence to verify that any crime was committed, and all that is in the possession of the TTPS is a book with Mr. Wiley’s claims. The Commissioner says further to these accusations “I have recused myself from this matter, and I have tasked representatives of the TTPS, led by Ag. DCP Forde to meet with, and seek
the existence of any supporting evidence from Mr. Wiley. This team will depart as early as this weekend if Mr. Wiley is contacted and agrees to be interviewed by the investigative team.”

The Commissioner outlined a step by step process to begin the investigation, which will include contacting Wylie for permission to be interviewed. If he agrees, police officers will journey to the UK to conduct the interview this weekend. If he disagrees however, then the claims cannot be proven and the matter would be dismissed.

It is only then that the TTPS would be able to ascertain if what Mr Wiley has stated and whatever material he can produce, would warrant an investigation to be launched in relation to possible criminal activity.