Gary Griffith: Hinds showing “lack of leadership” & “passing the buck”

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Gary Griffith: Hinds showing “lack of leadership” & “passing the buck”

Meanwhile, former Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith, says Hinds has a misconception over his role and responsibilities.

Griffith, who served as both National Security Minister and Police Commissioner, criticized Hinds saying he clearly neither understands nor respects his role.

He accused him of displaying cowardice and a lack of leadership and described Hinds’ comments as akin to the Works Minister saying better roads are not his responsibility.

Griffith claimed that Hinds’ comments diminish any hope that meaningful change will occur to turn around the out of control crime situation.

He accused him of just passing the buck as it is the duty of Ministers to provide guidance to the agencies under their control, through overarching plans and the establishment of policies which agencies then operationalise.