Gary Griffith eyeing local Government elections with new party

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Gary Griffith eyeing local Government elections with new party

Former Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith has described yesterday’s Cabinet reshuffle as part of the PNM playbook.

The move saw Faris Al Rawi demoted from the position of Attorney General to Minister of Local Government with Reginal armour sworn in to replace him.

Kazim Hosein was moved from Local Government to the Ministry of Agriculture after Clarence Rambhrat’s surprise resignation from that post.

Pennelope Beckles and Camille Robinson-Regis meanwhile switched places in the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Planning.

Agreeing with the labelling of the reshuffle as a distraction by some critics, Griffith noted that this diverts attention from several major issues which have not yet been fully resolved.

Griffith also called on the Prime Minister to explain to the public what would have led to the breakdown in confidence in him removing the highest office holder in his cabinet.

He explained that the post of AG is essential to a Government’s existence and changing the officeholder is therefore not a decision made lightly.

Griffith also revealed that he is eyeing the upcoming local Government elections with an intention to launch his new political party.