Gary Griffith Claims Political Intereference In Running Of  TTPS

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Gary Griffith Claims Political Intereference In Running Of TTPS

Gary Griffith claims there is political interference in the running of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

Mr Griffith said it has been brought to his attention every single contract of persons that he hired is being terminated, with immediate effect.

Mr Griffith said it is inconceivable to think that the TTPS hierarchy would terminate these persons contract, without a directive, especially given the fact these individuals were at the heart of the remarkable numbers, and public sentiment turn around, the service enjoyed in the past couple of years, under his watch.

Mr Griffith said there will be temptation to explain this as budgetary cuts , but this a bogus argument, since only the civilian staff hired by him are being terminated, and their contracts are being paid off, which means taxpayers will be footing a bill for no work.

Mr Griffith said also it would mean the TTPS will either hire new contractors, or they will put these jobs in the hands of officers, who are not trained or qualified to undertake these specialized tasks.