Gang suppression exercise in Carenage

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Gang suppression exercise in Carenage

Two men were arrested and over $20,000 seized by police overnight during a gang suppression exercise in the Carenage district.

The suspects, a 25-year-old and 31-year-old man, both from Carenage, believed to be involved in criminal activities, were arrested following a sting operation and raid by officers of the Western Division Gang Unit (WDGU), National Operations Task Force, Coastal and Riverine Unit and the Canine Branch.

According to police reports, the team of officers conducted exercises between 7 pm on March 31st to 1 am on April 1st, 2023, during which they executed a series of search warrants.

During one of the exercises along Horquette Valley Road, Glencoe, police officers observed a large gathering of people gambling.

The lawmen later found and seized $24,100 from a 25-year-old man under the Proceeds of Crime Act Chapter 11:27. A 31-year-old man was also arrested following the exercise.

Police conducted further enquiries and also seized several electronic devices which are being processed by crime scene experts.

Investigations are continuing by the WDGU.

Source: TTPS