Fyzabad residents plan to file injunction against T&TEC voltage line

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Fyzabad residents plan to file injunction against T&TEC voltage line

The plan by the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) to run a 220,000 high voltage line and a tower behind a number of homes in Fyzabad is not sitting well with the residents, and they are prepared to file an injunction to stop the job.

The residents of Siparia Old Road, Fyzabad staged a quiet protest Wednesday, expressing their concerns that the lines will be detrimental to their health.

Spokesperson Harrilal Rampersad said “It seems T&TEC is only concerned about saving money and not saving lives,” Rampersad said, adding that if the project continues, his family will have no recreational space as the tower will be a mere 25 feet from his kitchen window.

Rampersad said “This was never the original pathway… We have no issues with development but this line and tower cannot pass through prime residential property.”

He added, “My nephew’s house and my house are 80 feet apart. This is the only piece of residential frontage property remaining. This is generational displacement. What T&TEC is doing is destroying our lives, our natural vegetation and my children’s future.”

Two other residents believe the tower could be harmful to them, as they have pacemakers, w which could be affected by the proximity of the voltage.

Rampersad said they have already signed a petition.