Fuel grant approved, given to “H” taxi drivers only

Fuel grant approved, given to “H” taxi drivers only

The Ministry of Works and Transport, (MOWT) said that authorisation has been granted for the issuance of a Taxi Owners Fuel Relief Grant to mitigate the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MOWT, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, will issue a one-time payment Relief Grant to qualified, registered owners of operational H-Taxis only.

Owners of operational H-Taxis are required to provide the following documents to access the Taxi Owner Relief Grant:

  • Completed Taxi Owner Relief Grant Application Form
    Valid Identification Card
  • Copy of Valid Insurance Certificate for the Taxi
  • Copy of Inspection Certificate for Taxi for the period January 2019 to present (a copy of the
    inspection receipt will not be accepted
  • Copy of the Certified Copy of Vehicle Registration for the Taxi

The application process includes:

  • Completed application forms are to be submitted to the President of the respective Taxi Driver’s Associations
  • Once the information is certified, the application is then submitted to the Trinidad and Tobago Taxi Drivers Network for final verification and submission to the Office of the Transport Commissioner to begin the payment process
  • Persons who are unable to utilise or access the Trinidad and Tobago Taxi Drivers Network or a relevant Taxi Driver’s Association are asked to submit their completed application forms with supporting documents directly to the Ministry of Works and Transport via the following locations:
     Head Office – Corner of Richmond and London Streets, Port of Spain
     District Administrative Office Caroni – St. Yves Street, Chaguanas
  •  District Administrative Office St. Andrew/St. David – Guaico, Sangre Grande

Applications are to be submitted between the hours of 8AM and 4PM.

The MOWT said that all documents should be placed in a sealed envelope with the applicants name and contact number.

Applicants are also reminded that there is a dress code in effect when conducting business at the
Ministry’s Offices.

Deadline for the submission of applications: Friday 28th August, 2020.

Application forms can be accessed via the Ministry of Works and Transport’s website www.mowt.gov.tt