Fuad Khan: No need to change COVID Travel Measures

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Fuad Khan: No need to change COVID Travel Measures

The Health Ministry has clarified that two of the people who brought the Delta variant into the country were fully vaccinated.

What has left many persons concerned however is that the persons in question would have gone straight home as they had provided negative PCR tests.

The Health Ministry however assured that the patients and their contacts were isolated quarantined and tested as soon as the positive test results were received.

Power 102 spoke with virologist Dr Christopher Oura several weeks ago, who confirmed that the arrival of the virus was inevitable.

He explained at the time that a gap exists in the current system which may see someone test negative for the virus in a PCR test but still be positive as the travel requirements ask for a test no more than 72 hours old.

This creates a window within which the traveller may contract the virus or the traveller may have already contracted the virus at the time of the test but it was simply not yet at detectable levels.

He revealed at the time that once the borders have been opened, there is little that can be done to prevent the importation of the virus.

Former Health Minister, Dr Fuad Khan, seemingly shares those sentiments as he told Guardian media that there no need to change the travel requirements.

He insisted that the measures in place are ample.