Friends of Majah Hype’s ex start GoFundMe for legal funds, as more R-rated videos pop up

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Friends of Majah Hype’s ex start GoFundMe for legal funds, as more R-rated videos pop up

Late Wednesday (Dec 9), more videos popped up of Majah Hype’s ex Kirby Farrell which shows her in very compromising actions.

Four videos flooded the internet, which shows Kirby giving oral sex with four different men. In some of the videos, Kirby can be clearly identified as her back tattoo shows out. In others, however, there is no tattoo leading to many speculating that it is not her or that the video might be old.

Neither of the two parties have been active on their social media- with Kirby’s last post being six (6) days ago. However, Majah Hype continues to post to his stories up to 21 one hours ago as he posted various motivational messages.

Fans, however, think that the comedian is still passive-aggressively attacking his ex after he posted the poem ‘Still I rise’ by Maya Angelou. Many think he is taunting Kirby, who has had a verse from the Poem in her bio for years which says, “does my sexiness upset you?”

Meanwhile, friends of Kirby have started a gofundme campaign to raise funds that will take legal action against Majah Hype. A woman – Jamila Lyiscott, who says she is a friend of Kirby, has created the page. The description of the page says it is to raise funds for Kirby, who is a victim of Intimate Partner violence and has been suffering abuse at the hands of the popular comedian for over a year. The gofundme aims to raise $10,000.

The two were reportedly together since 2018 while they both were in relationships with other people.

However, after being together, Kirby came out to say that Majah Hype was physically and sexually abusive to her. On the other hand, he says that Kirby has been abusive to him and that she has cheated on him. Later, various sex videos surfaced, with Kirby claiming that the videos were released as revenge for her coming out about the abuse allegations.

Kirby has also alleged that Majah Hype is a narcissist who pretends to be the victim when he, in fact, has worked voodoo on her, pulled a gun on her, and has hit her, and caused her to isolate herself from her friends and family.

Majah Hype has denied all of the allegations against him even though he showed several pictures and chats of men and their penises during a live video, which he said was to clear his name and that Kirby was not the victim she was claiming to be.