Freeport man charged for falsely obtaining $54,000

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Freeport man charged for falsely obtaining $54,000

DINESH RAMESAR, 31, of La Cuesa Road, Freeport, was arrested and charged by the Fraud Squad with falsely obtaining $54,000. RAMESAR was charged after he purported to be a land owner, and allegedly fleeced a woman in March 2020.

Reports state that RAMESAR reportedly made online posts advertising the 5,000 square foot parcel of land for sale to which the woman responded. She met with him and reportedly entered into a verbal contract.
Three payments, totalling $54,000 were reportedly made to RAMESAR, but there was no sale of any land.

Investigations were carried out by the Fraud Squad and RAMESAR was arrested on March 30th 2021 and subsequently charged by PC Dubois on April 1st.

He was granted bail in the sum of $100,000 with a surety on April 1st 2021, after appearing before Justice of the Peace, Stephen Young, and was ordered to appear before the Port of Spain Magistrates Court on April 29th 2021.