France Will Throw Away 10 Million Litres of Beer

France Will Throw Away 10 Million Litres of Beer

At France, at least 10 million litres of beer will be destroyed, as they could not be consumed during the confinement decreed to contain the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the producers informed this Tuesday.

“The shutdown was brutal to cafes, restaurants and paralysis of tourist activity and the cancellation of all festivals and sales left more than 10 million litres of beer, mostly in kegs “, without being consumed, announced the professional union this Tuesday.

“The destruction of this beer will also have a cost not negligible for companies “, says the Syndicate. The main reason for the destruction is that the most popular beer is generally not pasteurized, so it spoils with the time.

About 25% of manufacturers are unemployed, due to lack of activity, according to a recent study, and “70% of manufacturers report a loss of 50% of turnover or more since March 15th “.