Four Marijuana plants of any gender to be allowed

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Four Marijuana plants of any gender to be allowed

The Government has now changed its earlier provision for allowing four male marijuana pants to four marijuana plants of any gender in each household. The Attorney General made the announcement of the change while piloting the Amendment to the Dangerous Act and tabling the new Cannabis Control bill in the HOR today.

Many stakeholders questioned the earlier position of four make plants given the science championing the more valuable components of the female plants.

AG Al Rawi said: “This came from the recommendation of the Forensics Division. The fact is that the plant is grown in both male and female species, it’s required for cross pollination and different variations. The public came back and pointed that out, we agree wholeheartedly with that submission. It’ll just be four plants,”

The AG also stated that the government is sticking to its quantity of allowance in 30 grammes of the substance. Based on the bill, anyone found with more than 30 grammes, but less than 60 grammes will receive a ticket costing $2000. If the person challenges the ticket, they can face a more hefty $50 000 fine or 30 hours of community service.

Debate continues in the HOR today with debate in the Senate expected on Friday.