Founder of TLM Pastor Glen Awong “He nor any of his employees arrested or charged”

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Founder of TLM Pastor Glen Awong “He nor any of his employees arrested or charged”

Pastor and CEO of Transformed Life Ministry, Glen Awong

Founder of Transform Life Ministries Pastor Glenn Awong speaking on Power 102 this morning said, that neither he nor any of his employees had been detained, arrested or charged before , during or after the raid in Arouca early Wednesday morning contrary to media reports. He said he was questioned by police and that was all. he also said that his institution had three registered psychiatric nurses working every day and all day caring for his clients.

Pastor Awong also said that the did not agree with the term ‘cages’ being used to describe the detention areas in his establishment. He said many of the clients displayed violent behaviours and had to be restrained and isolated for their own safety and the safety of others. he said many of his clients were taken for visits to the Tacarigua health facility for evaluation and treatment and officials from the health facility would prescribe medications which were administered by his trained staff.

Pastor Awong confirmed that two suicides of clients did occur because his staff could not monitor all clients at the same time and on those occasions the clients used clothing to commit the suicides.
When asked if he thought he provided the appropriate standard of car to his clients? Pastor Awong said ‘yes’.

Surprisingly despite everything that has transpired there has been no cease and desist operations by the state , and he as been receiving calls from members of the public to send their family members to the center in Arouca. He said he can and after consultation with his Attorney will continue operations since nothing is preventing him from doing so.