Former US VP Mike Pence Reportedly ‘Homeless’

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Former US VP Mike Pence Reportedly ‘Homeless’

Former United States vice president Mike Pence and his wife Karen are reportedly homeless after they left office.

According to The Independent, Pence has no permanent residence of his own.

During his farewell address before the inauguration of the 46th US President Joe Biden, Pence had revealed he would move to his hometown in Indiana state but did not elaborate on the exact place.

Two Republican leaders close to him intimated to Business Insider that he was staying at his brother’s place in his hometown of Columbus while another source disclosed he was residing at a cabin used by Indiana governor, Eric Holcomb, for retreat purposes.

Pence, 61, was brought up in Columbus and was elected Indiana congressman in 2001 serving until 2013.

He was later elected Indiana governor in the same year and served until 2017. During his time as Indiana boss, Pence lived at governor’s residence in Indianapolis.

He in January 2017, moved to the vice presidential residence after the election of Republican leader Donald Trump as the 45th US president having been his deputy.

Meanwhile, Pence did not make any plan to attend the farewell ceremonies of the outgoing president, Trump. Pence said his final goodbye to Trump on Tuesday, January 19th.

The report claimed the vice-resident will neither be at the White House when the president departs nor is he expected to attend the ceremony at Joint Base Andrews before Trump leaves for Florida.

However, the vice-president made plans to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. The report claimed Pence will fly to Indiana after the ceremony.