Former PNM official “surprised” by timing of PDP fall out

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Former PNM official “surprised” by timing of PDP fall out

Dr Denise Tsoi-a-Fatt Angus says she is not surprised by the imbroglio within the PDP but is surprised that it occurred so soon.

Her comments come amid the falling out between PDP leader Watson Duke, and his former Deputy Political leader Farley Augustine.

The men saw their party roles reversed within the THA as Augustine was installed as THA Chief Secretary while Duke assumed the position of Deputy Chief Secretary.

The arrangement fell to shreds however when Duke slammed the Augustine-led THA for its treatment of members of the Roxborough Folk Performers Group, claiming that the members were left stranded in New York by the THA.

This led to public feud between both men, which saw Duke resign from the post of Deputy Chief Sec but not before removing Augustine and several others as Deputy political leaders.

Dr Tsoi-a-Fatt Angus suggested that the falling out was the result of a lack of an effective agreement between party leadership versus THA leadership.

The former PNM Tobago assemblyman said it is also her firm belief that transparency or accountability is important and as such, MR Augustine must clear the air on the allegations of corruption made against him by Mr Duke.

She said the trust in him has been “significantly eroded” and he must clear the air to have the trust of the public who will work with him to get things done.

Dr Tsoi-a-Fatt Angus added that further explanation is also required regarding the controversial trip involving the Roxborough Folk Performers.

She noted that the figure, said to be around 400 thousand dollars, raises some questions.