Former PNM Minister Gary Hunt says the present PNM government is now the ‘One Percent National Movement‘

Former PNM Minister of Sport, Gary Hunt, has described the present PNM government as the “One Percent National Movement”.
While he served as Minister of Sport under the late Prime Minister Patrick Manning from 2007 to 2010, Gary Hunt spoke exclusively to IzzSo media and said he is no longer a member of the PNM or any other political party but is fully supporting his brother Ahloy Hunt, the UNC candidate for the St Joseph constituency:

The former PNM Member of a Parliament for Port of Spain North/ St Ann’s West constituency said in the past five years most of the country’s resources and benefits have been disproportionately given to the “one percent” in the country in biased manner:

He added that while he is not a member of the UNC , he believes that their policies are more in keeping with moving the country forward :

He also says Trinidad and Tobago has so much untapped potential in the creative sector which is not being developed:

He added the present PNM administration is suffering from a lack of leadership.