Former MP sceptical about vaccines sourced through private entities

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Former MP sceptical about vaccines sourced through private entities

With private companies expressing an interest in sourcing Covid19 vaccines for their staff and the nation, former Caroni East MP Dr Tim Gopeesingh says there is need for caution when sourcing vaccines through private companies owing to the high risk at this time.

In response to a question at the Opposition’s weekly media briefing in Port of Spain on Sunday, Gopeesingh, who is also a gynaecologist, said “I would be sceptical, as a medical doctor myself, to even consider accepting a vaccine that has come from a private-sector (company). That is where one has to be very cautious. So, from our perspective, that is for the Ministry of Health and the relevant government agencies to address that.”

Gopeesingh described the entire process so far by government as “an abysmal failure,” as the Prime Minister was overly reliant on receiving vaccines through the Covax facility and this led to TT falling behind.

Gopeesingh also asked “Where was Dr Keith Rowley when the India prime minister was speaking at the United Nations? He said PM Narendra Modi told world leaders his country was set to manufacture vaccines on a large scale and was also prepared to donate some.
However, “Rowley said he learnt about India’s vaccines from doctors. Who does he think he is trying to fool with that statement?”