Former Ken Barbie wants to undergo womb transplant to get pregnant

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Former Ken Barbie wants to undergo womb transplant to get pregnant

A nervous former Ken Barbie now Jessica Alves shared clips from her hospital bed as she prepared to undergo vocal feminisation surgery on Wednesday.

The plastic surgery junkie, 38, who has spent £800,000 on a total of 78 surgeries to transform her appearance over the years, has flown to Thailand for the operation.

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jessica has previously spoken of the struggle she faces with her voice as a trans woman as she says her ‘androgynous’ tone leaves people confused.

Alves who is originally from Brazil but resides in London underwent sex reassignment surgery at the start of 2021 having come out publicly as transgender in 2020, and has admitted she’s turned down work as her voice has had a crippling affect on her confidence.

She told The Daily Mail that her voice isn’t a male voice but it isn’t a female voice, which leaves people very confused over the phone as they don’t know if they are talking to a man or a woman.
Jessica also revealed her plans to undergo a womb transplant so she can fall pregnant, even though the procedure has never been undertaken on a transgender woman.

She is hoping to have the groundbreaking surgery as she becomes increasingly desperate to have a child.