Form One students to begin classes October 19

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Form One students to begin classes October 19

With the results of the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) now out of the way, the question now being asked is, when do these children enter Form One, as the official school term, which began on September 1, is already underway.

There has been no official word from the Ministry of Education concerning the start date, however a newspaper report is stating that principals are planning to start Form One classes on October 19th.

President of the Association of Principals of Public Secondary Schools of TT, Ronald Mootoo, said the information was relayed to all principals on Thursday, as the students collected their SEA results.

He said the registration of students should commence within the coming week and “The Chief Education Officer indicated that the week of October 19, school for the form ones were expected to begin.

“As the minister indicated this will all depend on how the schools progress with their registration of new students. So, some classes may begin on the Monday or later in the week.”

Mootoo said, “The schools have a quota of students to register daily and constant monitoring will be done to ensure this is fulfilled.

Schools have posted on their social media pages and issued official correspondence to parents about their registration processes and how they will be conducted, in keeping with covid19 protocols.

Many schools have opted for the registration process to be done online, while others are maintaining in-person registrations.