Forklift memes turned into fake Gov’t media release

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Forklift memes turned into fake Gov’t media release

Memes on social media have become a staple everywhere for laughs, especially during the Coronrvirus pandemic.

The latest meme making waves involves an unidentified man who allegedly lift a 4×4 Ford Ranger vehicle owned by a 30-year old man, with a forklift he was driving in a closed compound in Subrite Trace, Cunjal Road.

Unconfirmed reports state the incident occurred after it was alleged that the owner of the other car engaged in an extra marital affair with the forklift driver’s wife.

In trni lingo “he get horn”.

While the memes may be funny, some citizens have taken the joke a bit too far and created a fake Ministry of Works and Transport media release.

When the video circulated of the incident the following memes were created –