Flow’s VP meets with key stakeholders to share business focus


Flow’s VP meets with key stakeholders to share business focus

With stakeholder engagement as a priority, newly appointed Flow Vice President, Simone Martin-Sulgan, met with representatives of the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT), CANTO and Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU). These meetings were all held virtually as we embrace the new normal during the present state of emergency.


“We value our relationship and intend to continue to be great collaborators by playing an even bigger part in driving the various agenda of these organisations, as we continue to partner to keep our customers connected”, said Martin-Sulgan.

She shared that Flow’s operations will be built on three key pillars, namely accessibility, affordability and reliability.  “We will continue to connect more communities and invest in keeping customers connected, while increasing our CSR footprint for e-learning”.

Further, she stressed her personal passion for putting a loud speaker on the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion for women in leadership in the ICT industry and continued support to customers and employees with compelling and innovative offerings.

TATT representatives included Cynthia Reddock, Chief Executive Officer; Annie Baldeo, Executive Officer, Policy, Planning and Economics; Kirk Sookram, Executive Officer – Technology & Engineering; and Karel Douglas, Executive Officer, Legal and Enforcement. CANTO’s meeting was led by Secretary General Teresa Wankin and Andrea Lewis, Administrative Assistant – Finance; while the CTU was represented by Rodney Taylor, Secretary General; Gary Kalloo, ICT Policy Consultant; Nigel Cassimire, Telecommunications Specialist; and Selby Wilson, Telecommunications Strategist.

Martin-Sulgan will continue to expand the active programme of stakeholder engagement in the coming months as she intends to meet with more players in the local industry.

Flow representatives participating in the various virtual meetings with the Vice President were Theresa Bowen, Senior Manager, Legal Affairs Caribbean; Opal Neil, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs; Yolande Agard-Simmons, Manager, Communications; and Darren Campo, Regulatory Compliance Officer.