Flow TT assures workers their jobs are safe

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Flow TT assures workers their jobs are safe

On the heels of rumours of massive job cuts at state own TSTT, telecommunications company Flow TT is assuring its workers they have nothing to fear at this time, as they jobs are secure.

Confirmation to this effect was given by Flow’s VP Simone Martin-Sulgan.

Speaking Friday at the company’s International Women’s Day event at the Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain, Martin-SUlgan said, “What we have done, prior to the pandemic, we made a commitment to the entire employee population that we will not be looking to retrench anyone. We have been able to do exactly that.

“It forces us as a company to now find ways to operate more efficiently and effectively, rather than going for laying off employees. So far, we have been quite successful in that.”

Martin-Sulgan added, “We want Flow to equal home. It is kind of like looking for standard things in a house, like a fridge or stove. We want the Flow connectivity to be part and parcel of what completes every home, because we understand the importance of connectivity.

“One of the things that the pandemic has taught us is that it (connectivity) is a really important tool: it allows us not only to bridge the divide that has happened because we have had to stay at home, but it is also important to connect us as a nation in areas like education, etc.”