Flow-sponsored pennacool.com – Parent Portal now available


Flow-sponsored pennacool.com – Parent Portal now available

Preparations for the S.E.A. 2021 examination is at full speed with the start of the third term of the academic year. As virtual learning continues due to COVID-19 restrictions, Flow in maintaining its ongoing support for ICT in education has expanded its support of pennacool.com with the addition of the new profile – the Parent Portal – which went live on March 15th.

The leading communications and entertainment provider recognizes that parents are now playing an even more active role in home schooling and that technology more than ever is needed to aid in the navigation of online learning.

“We are enabling education through technology. Notably, we are of the view that parents play a critical part in their children’s academic development while they learn from home.  So, through our partnership with pennacool.com, we now have a platform designed specifically for Flow parents as they take an active role in their child’s online learning” said Kurleigh Prescod, Country Manager of Flow.

Pennacool.com – an ICT platform – known for its S.E.A. revision for Standards 4 & 5 Primary School students now offers a platform designed specifically for Flow parents who get to monitor their children’s progress, in real time, as they prepare for S.E.A.

Speaking about the benefits of the new portal, parents said:

“I am able to see the different areas my children need to work on and do more practice in. When I notice they are weak in certain areas, I assign six exercises a day so that they can get that extra practice. I did not have a Flow ID, but I watched the videos on how to sign up on the website and followed the instructions”; Terry-Ann Jackman Gill, mother of two Standard 5 students of Moulton Hall Methodist Primary School.

“I use it for my daughter for the online Practice Tests as she prepares for exams. The portal is very easy to navigate and I like that I can see her marks and the work she has done. The sign up for the Flow ID was a fairly simple process for me”; Nicolas, father of a Standard 5 student at California Government Primary School.

“The Parent Portal offers Student Reports which covers the primary school syllabus so I can monitor my granddaughter’s progress throughout the term. Most importantly, I can identify her strengths and areas for improvements”; Angela Thomas, grandmother of a Standard 4 student of Guapo Village Government Primary School.

“Now that we are facing the COVID-19 pandemic, this is an opportunity to get more intimate with online learning. We have seen success with those who already use the platform, and it is our hope that online learning will assist more students in reaching their goals and successes in education” Prescod concludes.

The partnership between Flow and pennacool.com has been in existence since 2009, assisting primary school students between Standards Four and Five to improve their learning skills. All exercises are curriculum-aligned and covers the Primary School Maths and Language Arts syllabus.