Florida woman impregnated by her doctor awarded $5.25M

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Florida woman impregnated by her doctor awarded $5.25M

Cherryl Rousseau of Florida recently won a $5.25 million federal jury award after a doctor impregnated her using his sperm back in 1977.

Rousseau searched for a donor because her husband, Peter, had an irreversible vasectomy.

They found Dr. John Boyd Coates III who they thought was assisting them with an artificial insemination process, as they believed a medical student was their donor at the time.

However, they learned Dr. Coates used his sperm to conceive their now-grown daughter after she took a DNA test. According to the Vermont Jury’s verdict, the doctor, who is now 80 years old, has been ordered to pay $250,000 in damages on top of $5 million in punitive costs.

According to the couple’s attorney, the doctor initially denied using his sperm to conceive couple’s daughter and is also facing a comparable pending suit.

A Colorado woman also accused Dr. Coates of the same thing.