First MonkeyPox case reported in the U.S

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First MonkeyPox case reported in the U.S

A male resident from Massachusetts tested positive for the MonkeyPox disease and officials said he recently came back from a trip to Canada.

According to AOL, the state’s Department of Health said the man didn’t pose any risk to the public and currently receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.

Hospital officials also said they are unaware of any reported monkeypox cases in Canada and they do not know where the male patient caught the disease.

What is MonkeyPox and the symptoms –

Recently, nine cases of monkeypox were reported in the United Kingdom since the beginning of May. One way to contract the virus is when an infected animal bites or scratches a person. However, another way to contract the virus is by hunting wild animals or making bush meat to eat.

The disease can spread from person to person by respiratory droplets but it would have to be in close proximity. Symptoms are fever, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches.